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We like to share our experiences with our customers and as a result, we want to unvale some of our wisdom to help you make informative decisions when considering replacing locks, having locks repaired or which lock is best for you. In our blog, you will find helpful information which we encourage you to contribute to and share with others. In this post, we will outline the different types of locks available to you and what their best usage would be. Firstly, take a look at the cool inforgraphic below and read through the different locking mechanisms available on the market today

original Locksmith capetown infographic

In most cases, the most common type of lock used today is the mortice lock or 5 lever lock. These locks have been around for years and due to the multiple combinations available for keys, they are proven time and time again to be the best in home security. They are steal constructed and can be applied to any door. Other less common types of lock include deadbolts, keypad entry, combination locks and timed locks, all of which add state of the art security to your home, garage, gate or safe. Give us a call if you are unsure of which lock best suits your needs and we can assess the level of security required and install a lock guaranteed to keep intruders at bay.

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