Safe Technicians & Safe Opening Cape Town

We first started more than 40 years ago as specialist safe technicians and safe opening experts in Cape Town and built our business from there to offer the full range of professional locksmith services to the local business owners and residents of the region. Based on our vast knowledge of Safe’s, safe locking mechanisms and digital timers, we are able to offer Safe opening in Cape Town at a level you will find very hard to find elsewhere.

Safe Opening Cape Town

For Business Use

We commonly deal with larger business requirements when it comes to safe cracking or vault opening and have worked with some of the largest financial institutions in Cape Town including Banks, Casinos, Supermarkets, Department Stores, local businesses and Government Buildings. We take pride in our ability to open any safe or vault if the combination has been lost, the keys have been misplaced or stolen or if the unit itself is faulty or malfunctioning. We deal with both manual and digital safes, vaults and security deposit boxes and regardless of the circumstances, we’ll get you sorted in no time! And not to forget, if you are in urgent need of our services, we can be available 24 hours a day.

Safe Technician Cape Town

For Personal & Domestic Use

More and more people these days are installing home security boxes and safes at their personal place of residence as peace of mind for storage of valuable items. When you get locked out of your safe, it can be a frustrating time, especially if the contents are of prime importance to you. Rest at ease knowing that whatever circumstances you might find yourself in, we can open your safe! Lost safe keys, malfunctioning safe lock, problems with digital safes and codes are no problem for our team of expert Safe Technicians Cape Town. Give us a call today on 078 069 0807 – were only happy to help


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